Patients Reviews

"Was having pain near my ribs when I would take a deep breath after falling, he fixed me up. Very polite, smart, and I didn’t have to wait forever..."

"The Dr called me back when I couldn't get him on my cell, and also talked with me, not at me. Willing to listen, most important"

Robin N.
"This is the first doctor who has listened to me. I am amazed at how caring the doctor and his staff were. They are helping me gain my life back."

"I was seen quickly. I was made entirely comfortable and treated with respect... Even the paperwork was made easy for me. I was totally satisfied with the entire visit."

Robert B.
"I think that doctor Saleem is the best pain doctor around if it wasn't for him I probably would not be able to go back to work he's great and a really nice guy..."

Self-verified Patient
Dr Salem is a very attentive and professional physician. I felt welcome and heard! It was a very comfortable and satisfying experience! Overall I would highly recommend Dr Saleem to anyone looking for excellence in a pain management situation!

JOSEPH M. | Jun 21, 2024
I like it

KENNEDY A. | Jun 18, 2024
He is a good doctor he’s very nice to the patients

JASBIR S. | Apr 19, 2024
Excellent PAc reviewed my med let to keep it in up to date, reviewed my meds epidural dates and more

Michael B. | Apr 05, 2024
Pain was a lot relived next day. But on day of needle I walked up the hospital sites and my back started to hurt. Today it seems to work out fine.

VELVA C. | Feb 29, 2024
Excellent care! Very friendly !

JOANNE B. | Dec 01, 2023
I found Dr Saleem to be very knowledgeable. Great repor. His staff friendly and helpful.

LYNNE G. | Nov 29, 2023
1st Doctor Who noticed things that I did without me saying anything. And instead of just dismissing, he asked me what was going on and recommended I do somethings, I

WILLIAM F. | Nov 13, 2023
Doctor was very nice . Receptionist was also very nice.

SHARON C. | Nov 01, 2023

BRUCE F. | Oct 12, 2023
Long wait but worth it. Dr Saleem very understanding and compassionate. Pleasant bedside manner. Thumbs up!

ANN MARIE O. | Oct 11, 2023
It's so special to be handled by caring professionals which is pretty rare in this industry..and it happens time after time..

PHILIP S. | Oct 10, 2023
He cares, he listens and understands My pain and my suffering.

WILLIS V. | Sep 16, 2023
Very Compassionate, Dr and Steph

KOHAR B. | Sep 14, 2023

FEZAN A. | Sep 01, 2023